What is Ice and Fire

According to Norse Mythology, before the world of man was created,two primal worlds existed: Niflheim, land of perpetual ice, and Muspellheim, land of fire. It was in the space between these worlds that creation took place and life originated.

Ice and Fire can, therefore, be regarded as the starting point, from which greater things can arise.

History of Ice and Fire

Towards the end of 2002, Graham Butcher and Phillip Brough got talking on a Sunday afternoon, and the conversation turned to the existing structure within Stáv. Specifically, the running of large courses, and teaching in general.

They realised that although there were very many skilled instructors within the Stáv community, some of whom hold their own classes, most of the previous large courses had been organised by Graham (who had also produced most of the printed and published material), and there was no real structure in place for promoting the system beyond the people already involved with it.

What was needed, they concluded, were some people dedicated to the promotion of Stáv to the general public, who would organise events and take care of the running of things. It was decided that three people would be necessary - someone to take care of actually booking venues, and running the course; someone to run the website, and take care of the technology side of things; and someone to deal with the public, take bookings, look after the visible side of things, etc.

The first two of these they could do themselves, and for the third, they called Darren Wells, long time friend and fellow Stáv instructor. Within a couple of hours they were all sat around discussing how best to proceed. The decision was made to form a limited company, for the sole purpose of organising and running Stáv events and courses, funded by a membership scheme which would entitle members to discounts on courses and products, etc., and so was Ice and Fire born.

In 2005, in response to a tremendous call from the US for instruction, Graham traveled to Virginia to run the first 2 day Stáv Foundation course. Those who attended the initial Foundation Course have assumed the responsibility of running Ice and Fire in the US.

During the upcoming year, please return to this site and join Ice and Fire USA in the Expanded Members section, including videos covering everything from the stances to runes to healing