What is Stáv

Stáv is a Norwegian word, meaning 'Stáve'. It has many connotations, but the one of most relevance here is its reference to the ancient alphabet, the rune Stáves, of ancient Norse and Germanic origin. The word Stáv implies a deep understanding of the runes through the many attributes that tradition, mythology and everyday life has attached to them.

Stáv is a Mind, Body Spirit system, comparable to Tai Chi and Yoga, but originating through the traditions and mythology of Northern Europe, rather than the Orient. It developed through the Norwegian family, Hafskjold, and is often referred to as Hafskjold Stáv.

The system helps people improve and develop themselves by dealing with them holistically. That is Stáv works on the whole person: their physical body, their mind (both logical and intuitive) and their spirituality. Only by working with all three can people develop into complete, fully rounded individuals.

The following is a breakdown of Stav. These categories also appear within this section on the right hand navigation.

Martial Aspects
Healing Aspects
For more information than is presented here about Stav, please visit Ice and Fire UK or Ivar Hafskjold's page Stav International