What is Stáv

Stav Martial Arts

The Martial aspects of Stav are one of the most dynamic ways of exploring the principles of Stav. It is one thing to learn the theory of Stav, and quite another to be able to put them into a physical application.

Stav martial arts deal with the five principles, embodied through the class system. It uses the lessons each one teaches to allow us to respond to an attacker.

In their simplest form, these involve:

Backing off from the attacker
Standing firm to the attacker
Taking control of the attacker
Moving around the attacker
Walking through the attacker

Each has its place within a conflict, and each has value that needs to be explored and fully understood.

Each principle has its traditional weapon, including cudgel, axe, short sword, staff and spear. Training versions of these are used to teach the lines and principles involved.

Unarmed combat is also taught, but due to the nature of the combat it is harder to learn the principles through unarmed, so beginners are started with weapons and progress to unarmed as they gain in experience.