What is Stáv

The Runes

About the Runes

The Runes are angular letters that were cut into wood, stone and metal, and later written on parchment and paper.

There is no clear-cut definition for the word, and it seems to be more of a metaphor referring to a mystery, secret or portent, rather than a single word.

Many Runic alphabets existed over the centuries. The one used in the Stav system is the Younger, or Danish Futhork. (Futhork means alphabet). It was developed from the Elder Futhork, went into popular use around the eighth century and has been in continuous use thereafter.

The Runes of the Younger Futhork

Use of the Runes in Stav

The main use of the Runes in Stav is through the Stances.

In addition, each Rune has a wealth of associations connected to it, such as deities, principles, herbs, trees, numerology as well as the many and symbolic meanings of their names. This allows the Runes to be used as refference points to all the principles and philosophies in Stav. It also enables their use as tools for healing and divination.