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Training Information

What is it?

Stáv is believed to be a 1500yr old Northern European martial art and mind/body/spirit system which survived obliteration in a small isolated family in Norway. Stáv literally means: 'Knowledge of the rune staves.' The martial art of Stáv is gentle and suitable for most persons. This weekend of Stáv training will provide an excellent introduction to Stáv for beginners and an opportunity for continued training for those with some experience.

What will it cover?

The sixteen runic stances, basic rune lore, staff training, and movement. Also covered may be martial practice, staff weapon training, hand to hand training, healing skills, rune counseling, Fylgae and bindrunes.

The Instructor:

Graham Butcher has been a master student of Ivar Hafskjold since 1992. He has been teaching Stáv since 1996 and created Ice and Fire in 2003 to promote and teach all aspects of Stáv.

Vital Information

Level: Beginner and Advanced Beginner
Meals provided: Saturday Oatmeal, Saturday Lunch, Sunday Oatmeal, Sunday Lunch, various snacks
How Much?: See events page, or products page for current prices
What to bring?: Loose comfortable clothing suitable for gentle physical training, a staff if you have one (loaners are available ), a notebook and pen, an open mind.
Where? See events page for dates and locations
Contact Information: Miki Tracey: tel 703 447 7310, or Email miki at
Signup Online: at To pay by mail, please contact us by telephone or direct mail.

Plane, Train, Bus and Public Transportation pickup available by ADVANCE request.

Please Note: we do not publish the location of our members' private residences on the web. Within three days of the event all paid attendees should receive an email with directions, menu and any last minute recommendations.