Stáv Links

Stáv groups, Ve's and Hov's

* Stav International - Ivar Hafskjold
Stav International is the home of all Stav, and run by Ivar Hafskjold. All Stav schools trace their lineage back to the Hafskjold clan, and Ivar himself.
* Ice and Fire UK - Graham Butcher
Ice & Fire is the Stav organization headed by Graham Butcher in the UK, and is the parent group of Stav Oxford, and Ice & Fire USA.
* Stáv Bear Studios
Annapolis MD study group and Therissa's blog
* Oxford Stáv Club
This is the school where Graham Butchers teaches directly, and is located in Oxford England
* Enheirjar Ve
Hull England
* Stáv Academy
The Stav Academy is based in the UK & Sweden
* Stav Bear Home
Home of the Chesapeake Stav Club.
* Stav Australia
Australian Stav Association
* Skuld Ve - Arnulf Gulberg
The home of Skuld Ve in Sweden

Martial Arts Related

* World of Martial Arts - Multimedia eZine
Covers multiple styles of martial arts and frequently has articles on stav.
Karate, Taekwondo, Jujitsu, Aikido, Pugilism, Western Martial Arts - All styles
* United States Martial Arts Association
IFUSA is a member, offering membership and advancement under USMAA.