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Associate Membership benefits include:

  • Reduced rates on Ice and Fire training events worldwide
  • A 36 page, half letter sized manual and Stav DVD

Instructor Membership benefits include:

  • Reduced rates on Ice and Fire training events worldwide
  • A free website for your study group
  • Instructor Liability Insurance for you as an IFUSA Instructor
** NOTE: Instructor membership Can only be purchased by approval of Graham or the IFUSA Administrator (Miki)

Books and Booklets

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***PLEASE BE AWARE: we do not have an automatic PDF distribution system. Your electronic book will not be immediately available to you. It may take as long as 48hours to prepare your download by hand and create the login required to do so. Most people don't wait that long but it has happened. I used to have an automatic delivery system but it was hacked and people stole our user information. This is safer. Trust us.

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This is Stav

G D Butcher

36 pages half letter booklet. Covers the essentials of Stav with a description of Ivar Hafskjold and the history of his family tradition. There are introductions to the runes, the stances and the five principles of Stav. There are overviews of the essential aspects of Stav practice and philosophy, including Orlog and wyrd, mott and megin and galdre and fylgja.

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The Sixteen Stances of Stav

G D Butcher

36 pages half letter booklet. The sixteen runic stances are the basic practice of the Hafskjold-stav tradition. This fully illustrated booklet explains the principles behind practicing the stances and then gives full instructions in how to perform the basic (trel) version.

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The Festivals of Stav

David Stone

36 pages half letter booklet. This booklet will provide an insight into the cycles of life which affect us all. David Stone has examined the historical and mythological basis for celebrating the festivals with which we are still familiar yet may not realise their full significance as part of our cultural and spiritual heritage.

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The Stav Book of Runes

G D Butcher

36 pages half letter booklet. The Hafskjold Stav tradition is based on the sixteen runes of the younger futhork. This booklet will provide you with the traditional meanings and associations of the runes and a discussion of their broader interpretation. It is also illustrated with original pictures by K J Butcher.

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The Principles of Stav

G D Butcher and David Stone

36 pages half letter booklet. This booklet examines the fundamental principles and definitions that are part of Stav. David Stone has examined and explained the historical and mythological significance of the fundamental principles behind Stav.

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Stav for Health and Well-Being

G D Butcher and David Stone

36 pages half letter sized booklet. This booklet is primarily concerned with the Stav approach to maintaining your personal health and well-being. Among other subjects it deals with diet, the benefits of performing the stances daily, working with Mott (the physical body) and Megin (the energy body) and much else.

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Stav, The Fighting System of Northern Europe

G D Butcher

62 page A5 book. A comprehensive introduction to Stav as a martial training system. Covers stances, the five principles of Stav and working with the cudgel and battle axe.



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Interview & Training with Ivar DVD

Graham Butcher, Ivar Hafskjold, and Ice and Fire UK

2 DVD** set. First DVD is of an interview with Ivar about Stav and the second is some footage and training with Ivar taped at a Stav Camp.

**These DVDs are regionless. Certain DVD players (especially the higher end ones) may refuse to play it, or may skip. Most computers, gaming consoles and dvd players with no region code on them will play these DVDs with no error.


Training Courses

* Specify Day you will Attend

September 30 - October 1, 2017 - Semi-Annual Training - Leaf River, IL

Twice a year, IFUSA brings Stav Master Graham Butcher to the USA from England to teach a 2 day intensive in the stav martial art. The training location is in Leaf River, IL at the Gallowglass Academy Training Center. More information.

Members Only

MEMBER ONLY - Optional 3rd Day of Training - October 2, 2017

Ice and Fire USA offers to members only an optional third day of intensive Stav training designed for Advanced Beginners and Intermediate students. More Information.




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